author:Daniel Lindsley

Little process-based workers to do your bidding.

Deliberately minimalist, you provide the number of workers to use & a list of commands (to be executed at the shell) & littleworkers will eat through the list as fast as it can.



  • Python 2.6+ (may work with Python 2.5)

littleworkers is tested & works on Mac OS X/Linux/BSD. It may work on Windows (!) but is untested. Feedback welcome.


You can install from PyPI using pip (or easy_install if you prefer broken, unmaintained software):

pip install littleworkers

The only dependencies are in Python’s stdlib & the code is pure Python, so there’s nothing to compile.


littleworkers is maintained with a passing test suite at all times. You should use nose_ or similar tools to run the tests like:


Output is currently pretty verbose, which will be fixed in the future.


Contributions are welcome & should be submitted as pull requests on GitHub_. The pull request must have:

  • Only the code needed to add the feature or fix the bug (not several in one)
  • Added tests to cover the change
  • Internal docs in the form of docstrings
  • If it changes the public API, it should include docs
  • Must be BSD-licensed code